Heirloom & Co. has partnered with Land Analytics, LLC. to provide a  wide variety of services to meet the diversified needs of our clients. ( )

We provide expert valuation services for lenders, investors, attorneys and property owners, combining three decades of experience with training from both the Appraisal Institute and the CCIM Institute.  Property types appraised in the past include the following:
Office buildings
Medical office
Assisted living facilities
Industrial, manufacturing and research facilities
Auto dealerships
Retail facilities, including community centers and regional malls
Movie theaters
Fast food/restaurants
Convenience stores
Master-planned communities
Mixed-use developments
Single-family residential developments
Mobile home parks
Investment land
Recreational ranches

We can provide reports for use in:

Mortgage and construction financing
Buy/Sell Decisions
Merger & Acquisition
Estate Planning/Taxation
Project Design & Feasibility
Insurance claims
Litigation, condemnation, bankruptcy
Arbitration, mediation
Foreclosure proceedings and probate actions
Establishing rental terms
Estate planning
Undivided interest valuations
Merger and liquidations
Property and income taxation
Contaminated sites
Market research services, including site feasibility studies


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